An adventure full of reflections and incredible photographs that will transport you to Aklobotonu, Ghana. We tell you the story of Nukoko.


In 2018, Andrea and Mar, aged twenty-three and twenty, we traveled to Ghana for the first time. Far from looking for an organized volunteering with a big NGO, we wanted freedom and to live directly with the local people, and for one reason or another we met Aklobotonu, a village full of smiles.


But there were too many injustices, and there was a day when the restlessness began to emerge; indignation and desire to change the situation were the driving forces behind the Nukoko project. The search for a better future for those living below the poverty line. We knew it would be a road with curves, but we were willing to walk and overcome them all.


Today, Nukoko works on education, healthcare and women's empowerment projects. A union with a community more than 5000 km away. The benefits will go to the realization of the different projects.